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About the Series
About the Series
English host Elizabeth Sanchez A Place of Our Own
TV for people who care for kids

KCET’s A Place of Our Own (and Los Niños en Su Casa in Spanish) is a daily television series, a website, and an extensive outreach program devoted to the unique needs of people who care for children.

Family, friends and neighbors – everyone who takes care of young children – are child care providers. Every interaction and every activity of these adults with their charges provide valuable opportunities to help children learn and grow.

English host Debi Gutierrez

A Place of Our Own shares ways for us all to help children acquire cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills, as well as nurture language and literacy development.

In A Place of Our Own we highlight local and state resources for child care providers and the children in their care. We understand the complexity of America’s diverse population and represent a broad spectrum of ethnic communities and a wide range of children with special needs.


The series also responds to the needs and workplace realities of people who spend their days caring for children by including topics such as building partnerships with families, reducing stress, and completing paperwork. A Place of Our Own’s support for child care providers recognizes the importance of their roles in the way children learn and develop. By supporting these important people and providing them with the resources they need, we better help our children prepare for school.

A Place of Our Own in the Community

In the Community
A Place of Our Own is accompanied by comprehensive educational outreach and workforce development plans aimed at expanding the capacity and capabilities of child care providers. Print, web, video/DVDs and multilingual professional development training workshops are the tools of our outreach efforts.


Investment in the Future

An Investment in the Future
Children are our future, and parents and child care providers are the first teachers they encounter. A Place of Our Own works with children and their families to support education at home and contribute to children’s overall well-being.


A Place of Our Own is produced in association with Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street and so much more.


A Place of Our Own is also produced in association with 44 Blue Productions, Inc. one of America’s top suppliers of reality, documentary, and “how-to” programming.

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